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Lost It Bundle

Counter Cravings™ + Ripped Rooster™ + Celery Juice Fiber Gummies

30 Days Supply

ultimate set for healthy weight management: reduce cravings, boost metabolism and nurture gut health

What It Does

  • Step 1: Counter Cravings® reduces cravings, boosts metabolism and maintains healthy blood sugar already at normal levels

  • Step 2: Ripped Rooster® boosts metabolic rate and reduces body fat 

  • Step 3: Celery Juice Fiber Gummies nurtures the gut microbiome, provides nutrients from celery & promotes regularity

Meet Your New Routine

  • Reduce Cravings

    Counter Cravings™

    Reduce Cravings

    Counter Cravings™

    helps reduce cravings + boost metabolism*

    84% experienced a reduction in body fat percentage

    Take 1 capsule twice a day with food

  • Increase Fat Burn

    Ripped Rooster™

    Increase Fat Burn

    Ripped Rooster™

    natural fat burn support*

    3x the fat burn versus placebo

    Take 1 capsule, twice daily, with food

  • Nurture The Gut

    Celery Juice Fiber Gummies

    Nurture The Gut

    Celery Juice Fiber Gummies

    world’s first celery juice fiber gummy supports natural detoxification + a daily green boost*

    14 days to see improvement in regularity

    Take 3 gummies daily, at any time, with or without food.

All our products are Clean, Clinical and Sustainable

We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care. Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.

  • Non-GMO
  • Triple tested for purity
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Verified by independent labs for potency

Let's take a closer look

Counter Cravings™
  • What It Does

    • Supports healthy weight management
    • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within normal levels
    • Boosts metabolism
  • How It Works

    • Chromax® chromium helps curb cravings + boost metabolism
    • Green tea derived L-theanine helps naturally increase relaxation
    • Seaweed extract fucoxanthin supports healthy body weight



  • How does Counter Cravings™ work?

    Counter Cravings™ uses a blend of Chromax Chromium®, amino acid L-theanine, a seaweed extract containing fucoxanthin and Coleus forskohlii extract to naturally support healthy blood sugar levels. It has been shown in clinical studies to reduce cravings.

  • Does Ripped Rooster™ contain caffeine?

    It contains less than 2mg of caffeine per serving. For reference, a typical cup of coffee contains 90 mg of caffeine.

  • Can I take Celery Juice Fiber Gummies with a multivitamin?

    Yes! Celery Juice Fiber Gummies work well with all HUM supplements when taken as directed. 

  • Is this product vegan?

    Yes, all of our gummy formulas are 100% vegan.

  • Are these products gluten-free?

    Yes! All HUM products are gluten-free and tested to ensure gluten isn’t present at levels greater than 20ppm, which is the regulatory criteria for “gluten-free” set by the FDA.

  • Are these products made in an FDA-approved facility?

    All of our products are made in facilities that are certified to follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes), required by the FDA. This means our manufacturers have specific quality standards to ensure every product has the right identity, purity, strength and composition.

  • Are these products non-gmo?

    Yes! All HUM products are non-GMO.

The HUM subscription: wellness on your terms

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